I'd yield me to the Devil instantly, Did it not happen that myself am he!
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theres this song i really like but i cant remember anything about it but the video and theres like a whole bunch of cartoon animals and the band is playing in the forest

Tomorrow is my first on site giving chair massages and then friday i’m giving a presentation on etiquette for working with trans people 

two stressful days in a row and i ran out of cigarettes till saturday 

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Donations for my transition.



Hey guys! I know its a lot to ask of people, but i’m starting college soon and need some financial help with getting things like STPs and hormone treatment to make passing in college more easy and comfortable. Anyone who donate even a little will get some kind of drawing or a poem/ short story, etc. I know its not much but i’d like to do at least something for anyone being generous enough to give. You can donate here http://www.gofundme.com/7dn0sc

And even if you can’t give anything just re blogging this helps me out a lot. Thank you to everyone in advance.