I'd yield me to the Devil instantly, Did it not happen that myself am he!
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Hey guys! I know its a lot to ask of people, but i’m starting college soon and need some financial help with getting things like STPs and hormone treatment to make passing in college more easy and comfortable. Anyone who donate even a little will get some kind of drawing or a poem/ short story, etc. I know its not much but i’d like to do at least something for anyone being generous enough to give. You can donate here http://www.gofundme.com/7dn0sc

And even if you can’t give anything just re blogging this helps me out a lot. Thank you to everyone in advance. 

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prompt: high school au. tony had think rimmed glasses. i don't care what else you do with it. just do the thing plz


"Could you have any bigger of a crush?"

Steve barely hears Bucky, who taps him on the shoulder to fully gain his attention. Steve blinks. “Huh?”

"How long are you going to stare at Stark before you go talk to him?" Bucky asks. Natasha comes up behind him and hugs his waist, placing her chin on his shoulder. 

"I’m not-I don’t have a crush on him."

"Oh, are we talking about Stark?" Natasha asks. "Yeah, no, you have a giant crush on him, Steve."

"I do not have a crush on him," Steve says defensively. 

"Are we talking about Steve’s crush on Stark?" Sam asks as he walks up.

"Yes," Bucky and Natasha say in unison. 


"It’s pretty evident, Steve," Sam says. "You stare at him all throughout English. You wrote a story about him in English, even."

"And you can’t tell me that when I see you all daydreamy in geometry, you’re not thinking about some sort of teacher fantasy with Stark because he’s the TA," Bucky says. 

"And in gym class-" Natasha begins.

"Okay! I get it."

"So, are you finally going to admit it?" Natasha asks.

"Admit what?" They turn toward the deep voice. Thor walks up with Jane on his arm. 

"Steve is going to admit he has a huge crush on Tony Stark," Sam says, smirking at Steve.

"Of course he does," Jane says. "Besides Steve, Tony is, like, the hottest guy in school. He’s got the whole ‘adorably nerdy’ thing going for him."

Thor looks down at her. “So, Tony and Steve are the hottest guys in school, huh?”

Jane rolls her eyes. “Trust me, if I didn’t think you were hotter than them, Thor, I wouldn’t be dating you. I’d be on Steve’s arm instead.”

"Let’s not get ahead of ourselves," Steve says. Jane laughs.

"The crush is cute and all, but it’s getting on our nerves, seeing you watch him like a puppy watches his owner that’s about to give him food," Bucky says.

Steve furrows his brows. “I do not-“

"Yes, you do," says the entire circle. 

Steve frowns. Tony walks toward them, on his way to their geometry class. Steve freezes, and when Tony says, “Hi, Steve”, Steve’s face gets rosy and he waves back. 

The rest of the group says hi, and then the bell rings.

"Seriously," Jane says. "Tell him."

Steve sighs and walks down the hall to geometry. 

He takes his seat right in front of Bucky. Bucky pats him on the shoulder, and says, “We have to put the desks into pods of four. It’s a work day.”

Steve feels a little disappointed, because that means that Tony might not stay. Steve turns his desk and pushes it up against Bucky’s. Darcy scoots up next to Steve, and Jane pulls up next to her.

Halfway through the class, Tony walks up to their pod, and asks, “Anyone need any help?”

Steve goes pink immediately. Jane snickers. 

"Actually, I do," Bucky says. He fakes needing help on a simple problem, and Steve guesses it’s because he wants Steve to figure out something to say. 

"Tony?" Steve asks.

Tony turns and looks at him. His brown eyes are bright, his smile tugs at the corners of his mouth, and his dark, thick-rimmed glasses are sliding down his nose. He pushes them back up with his finger, and it’s the cutest thing Steve has ever seen.

"Yeah, Steve? Do you need help?"

"No, I, uh, I… I wanted to, to ask you something."


Steve glances around the pod. Bucky raises his eyebrows, and Jane and Darcy smile encouragingly. 

"I, I was just, I-"

Tony quirks an eyebrow up.

"Um, well, I just wanted to know if you’re doing anything Friday night."

Tony’s face falls for a moment, and then he starts to blush. 

"Oh… uh, no, no, I’m not doing anything at all."

Steve swallows. “Okay, uh, so, maybe, we could, like, uh, get dinner together? Or, or, maybe we could go see a movie?”

Tony blushes harder. “Yeah! Yes, yeah, I’d- that’d be great, here, wait, let me give you my phone number…”

Steve looks at his friends. Bucky is smiling, Jane and Darcy are practically squealing. 

"Here," Tony says, handing Steve a small slip of paper with numbers on it.

"What’s this?" Steve asks, dumbfounded.

"Uh… it’s… my phone number?"

"Oh!" Steve’s turn to blush. "Right right, I’ll text you, I’ll let you know it’s me so you… so you know."

"Okay. I’ll find you at lunch, if, if that’s okay?" Tony asks hopefully. 

Steve nods. “Yeah, that’d be awesome!”

Tony smiles and walks to the next table. He’s still blushing.